People use lawyer directories to discover lawyers because they are full of essential information and allow customized searches on crucial categories, such as location and practice area. Lawyer directories receive quality traffic, making them valuable for legal marketing.
However, the benefits for your practice go beyond those looking in directories. A presence in high-quality legal guides improves a lawyer’s digital reputation and perception as a qualified lawyer. When thorough, lawyer directory profiles score well in Google and other search engines.
These directories may boost your law firm’s SEO. Legal guides that connect to a lawyer’s website or blog may boost Google, Bing, and other search engine results.
In addition to SEO benefits, having the NAP on these directory profiles match your Google My Business (GMB) listing information will boost your GMB and Google Maps rankings.

Top 5 Best Lawyer Directories based on Domain Authority & Monthly Traffic

These directories have created their presence online, where anyone can search for a lawyer. They have made it possible for people to access the best lawyers at a quick speed. Now, if you are looking for a good lawyer directory, you must understand that many options are available.

We have discussed the top 5 best lawyer directories for you. Check them out and choose the best option for your needs.

Directories Organic Traffic/month Domain Authority Backlinks Type
Nolo 9,305,309 71 5,054,930 Paid
FindLaw 4,556,267 87 75,587,863 Quote
LegalMatch 842,592 62 333,061 Free/Paid
Avvo 701,441 74 22,989,228 Free/Paid
Martindale 229,150 76 4,140,223 Free/Paid

#1) Nolo

People studying legal matters online can find one of the most extensive collections of free legal information on Nolo’s network of legal content websites and practice area-specific websites. Moreover, one hundred thousand of the site’s millions of users each month request to consult an attorney, which is perhaps the most significant statistic. You are also given the ability to write articles on your law firm’s profile through Nolo. Nolo enhances your legal practice’s credibility, online authority, and search engine ranking.

Nolo’s SEO statistics:

  • Organic Keywords: 2,899,605
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 9,305,309
  • Domain Authority: 71
  • Backlinks: 5,054,930

#2) FindLaw

FindLaw is one of the market’s most famous and trusted law directories. It started back in the year 2002. The directory has been providing quality legal services for a long time, and it is one of the most trusted directories known for its simplicity and convenience. FindLaw, which began as one of the earliest online lawyer directories, has expanded into a comprehensive network of sites. These internet resources include access to attorney listings, discussion boards, and free legal help, including books and articles. Lawyers can also contribute to FindLaw’s Legal Blogs network, which posts on various legal issues. You may increase your credibility, get the attention of prospective customers, and encourage existing clients to revisit your website by using the information below. This directory has many listings, including lawyers and law firms. You will find all the details, including the phone number, address, website, and location. 

FindLaw’s SEO statistics:

  • Organic Keywords: 1,468,410
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 4,556,267
  • Domain Authority: 87
  • Backlinks: 75,587,863

#3) LegalMatch

We can find an attorney using LegalMatch’s online services. Those needing legal assistance can turn to the firm for fast referrals to competent attorneys. LegalMatch is a marketing partner for attorneys, assisting solo practitioners and smaller companies. The BBB has accredited it.

The directory has been helping people to find the best lawyers who can provide quality legal services. LegalMatch has a vast database that contains the details of thousands of lawyers.

You will find the contact information of the attorneys interested in offering legal services to the people, and you will also find the attorney’s location and contact details. The company known as LegalMatch was established in 1999 in South San Francisco, California. It also has offices in Austin, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Reno, Nevada.

LegalMatch’s SEO statistics:

  • Organic Keywords: 476,335
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 842,592
  • Domain Authority: 62
  • Backlinks: 333,061

#4) Avvo

Avvo is a directory of lawyers and law firms. You will find a lot of information in this directory which is very helpful for people. Avvo is a popular legal directory and marketing platform that connects clients and attorneys. Lawyer evaluations, however, are what truly set this website unique. If your Avvo profile has a good rating, potential clients will take notice even before they call you. It’s a reliable and trustworthy directory. It provides you with a lot of helpful information, like the location of the lawyers, contact details, and the lawyer’s experience.

Avvo’s SEO statistics:

  • Organic Keywords: 1,508,231
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 701,441
  • Domain Authority: 74
  • Backlinks: 22,989,228

#5) Martindale

Martindale is one of the oldest and best directories, and it has an extensive database of attorneys. Using, you may make a profile in the legal directory that will get you the most views. You will find the lawyers’ contact information and the attorneys’ location, and the guide also lists the attorney’s experience and services offered.

Martindale’s SEO statistics:

  • Organic Keywords: 403,338
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: 229,150
  • Domain Authority: 76
  • Backlinks: 4,140,223

Why are Lawyer Directories Most Important for Lawyers & Law Firms?

Law firms’ marketing may be significantly aided by using attorney directories, which also assist customers in locating legal counsel. 

Get valuable Lead

Lead generation is a quick, easy, and successful technique to acquire additional clients for your legal company. Using lawyer directories’ lead generating and advertising services might produce new business quickly.

Increase local search visibility

Online lawyer searches are primarily for local attorneys. Your online marketing approach should incorporate local SEO tactics. Include local lawyer directories.
Local searches likely contain legal directories like Avvo, which have high PageRank. Your Avvo profile may appear in Google search results when someone looks for a local lawyer, increasing your visibility.

Create backlinks to point to your website

SEO methods include backlinks from law firm directories. Backlinks use a trustworthy source to validate your company’s online reputation. Powerful backlinks and Backlink-enabled directories boost SEO. A directory listing can bring visitors to your website, and a profile isn’t enough—Optimizing lawyer directory profiles.

Establish a reputation in the digital world.

Building trust requires time and effort. Maintaining lawyer directories and gaining outstanding evaluations from customers and attorneys may boost your firm’s online reputation.

Assist those who have the essential requirement for assistance.

You can’t aid everyone who wants legal assistance at once. Use legal directories to find your most needed clients. Consider a Spanish legal manual if you’re a bilingual lawyer who speaks Spanish fluently.


Lawyer directories help you acquire new clients and develop your legal company. These directories assist potential clients in locating your organization and raise your website’s SEO to improve search engine rankings. Directory options abound; the better ones have substantial traffic and give consumer reviews. You don’t need a profile on every legal directory, but you can build from free profiles. Put your company out there so potential clients may discover you. Contact PageAppeal to get more information and hire an SEO agency for the lawyer.