Best Law Firm Websites 2022

A decent law firm website provides a means for your clients to communicate with you online. Excellent lawyer websites are simple to navigate and clearly outline their services. However, the ideal law firm websites facilitate client-centric expertise while presenting a strong and consistent brand for your practice.

You might think that websites must be beautiful to look at; however, they must also deliver results and the answers that a visitor is looking for. Such websites achieve business objectives by encouraging visitors to consult the law firm and receive help. They assist visitors in quickly determining whether the firm’s lawyers have expertise in resolving similar lawsuits to those they face. Additionally, they stand out in the crowd of identical-looking law firm websites.

Essential Factors Which Have A Great Impact On Your Website

  • Graphic design for websites: If your law firm’s webpage is visually appealing or has a simple yet attention-grabbing look, there is a good chance it will attract more visitors.
  • A WEBSITE’S simple UI / UX: A positive user experience ensures that your potential clients stay with you. A simple user interface is critical in this case. Further, a better UI raises your website’s conversion by 200%.
  • Site performance: One of the most significant ranking factors in search results. If your site does not load quickly enough, it will be difficult for a person to discover it, and those who do will immediately quit it.
  • SEO: What good is a well-designed law firm website if nobody can discover it? Appropriate use ofSEO techniques will prove highly beneficial.
  • Elements and solutions of marketing: While this is not the most pivotal factor, some innovative solutions can assist you to stand out in the highly competitive legal services sector.

In this blog, we have listed some of the best law firm websites 2022 from the world whose designs are captivating yet minimalistic and clearly convey their business.   

The Best Law Firm Websites 2022

Best Law Firm Websites 2022

Dowley Law

The next website is Dowley Law. The website has a quick loading speed and gives a short and quick brief about what they do on their homepage. Further, the most interesting thing is the contact form placed on the home page with a clear CTA button to let the customers immediately fill out the details and reach out to the company. Likewise, the content font is legible, the website is free from clutter, and uses good white space.

As with one scroll down, they can get a quick idea about their services. So, the person doesn’t have to look at the services section. Ideally, this minimalistic web design with easy navigation and plenty of information is befitting.

best law firm websites

Modern Law

Modern Law, a family law business situated in Mesa, Arizona, provides a straightforward method for customers to get their inquiries addressed directly from their webpage. Thus, clients may schedule a consultation by clicking the large, clear CTA button in the center of the page.

Best Law Firm Websites 2022

Vogel Verjee Law

In Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this law firm’s website features an image-heavy style. Pages are purpose-built to be as precise as possible, making viewing them much simpler. To navigate between these sites, utilise the mega menu at the top.

The mega menu enables prospective consumers to locate the precise issue easily they want assistance with. So, these include legislation governing the oil and gas industry and pedestrian incidents.

Consider using a mega menu if you have a diverse variety of expertise. Also, they can assist potential clients in locating their extremely particular issue before contacting you.

Best Law Firm Websites 2022


Feinberg Mindel Brandt Klein (FMBK) is a legal firm established in California that focuses on various specializations, including probate and trust litigation, estate planning, civil litigation, and family law. Their website is modest and professional, appropriate for a professional services business.

Overall, FMBK’s website is well-designed, simple to navigate, and free of unnecessary interruptions. Additionally, they have an area for press/media citations, which is beneficial for establishing social proof.

Best Law Firm Websites 2022

Becket Law

Becket Law is committed to defending religious liberty in six areas: education, free expression, individual liberty, property rights, public square, and religious communities.

In addition, their website showcases their work, particularly their victorious instances. These situations are made simple to comprehend and connect to via several photographs and comments. Additionally, Becket describes their charity status and general objective on practically every page of their website, which helps them get additional support and contributions.

Best Law Firm Websites 2022

Cuming Gillespie

This medical malpractice and personal injury law company’s web page features a video backdrop. This creates a current, dynamic atmosphere for the site, which helps the law business stand out from the competition.


If your website compels visitors to fill out a contact form or phone you, you’ll benefit from a high marketing ROI and rapid growth. However, if your website does not connect with prospective clients, you will waste time and money making the prospects leave your website and contact your competitors.   

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