In this generation, even if you are an offline worker, you must have an online platform. It doesn’t matter what profession you have pursued. You can always have your website to showcase your professionalism in the work field. Website designs are essential to showcase your skills and experience with your work. Even if you are a family lawyer, you must have a website. Family law is a particularly competitive practice area. Every day, there are tons of new facets of family law like child custody cases, child support or divorce cases. That’s why you must have a compelling law firm website design that showcases your specialities in a user-friendly way. A fantastic law firm website design will act as a vehicle to grow your business. If you also want to learn about the best divorce lawyer website designs of 2022, then keep reading this article.

1. The Houston Divorce Firm

The Houston Divorce Firm website has an engaging and informative homepage that showcases their team, commitment, strategy, and unique approach to family law. This website’s unique design will attract potential and loyal clients. A section is dedicated to the client’s testimonials and why people chose them over other practices. This website is a perfect example of a divorce & family lawyer website design.


2. Arami Law Inc

The Arami Law firm is yet another example of family law attorneys & they are one of the best family law firms in Chicago. They utilize their website to showcase their outstanding header, practice areas, client testimonials & why they stand out. They also combine legal experiences. You can browse through their site for more information. They not only have divorce lawyer services but also have child custody or child support and much more. The design of the site is minimal & simple but unique.


3. Julyan Law Firm

When it comes to divorce, the process can be long and tedious. Having a good lawyer by your side is half the battle. The other half is finding the right lawyer for you. Luckily, there are plenty of great options out there. The Julyan Law Firm is one of them. The Julyan Law Firm’s website design is clean and modern. It’s easy to navigate and find the information you need. The firm’s attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in divorce law. They offer a free consultation to help you determine if they’re the right fit for your case.


4. BDB Law Firm Website

Designing a divorce website is no easy task. How do you make a website that is both informative and user-friendly? And how do you make it appealing to potential clients?

The team at BDB Law Firm has put together a list of the top 5 divorce websites in the market. They have great brand color, images, and header menu design. Take a look into their website and see what makes these websites stand out.


5. RI Law Group

I was impressed with the design of RI Law Group’s website. The site is well organized and easy to navigate. The use of color is tasteful and the overall look is professional. I particularly liked the way that the firm’s information is presented in an easily accessible format. Overall, I would say that the website is an excellent reflection of the quality of the firm. They do it by clearly displaying their family law legal services. If you check out the website design, you can quickly learn about child abuse, spousal support or adoption etc.


Why is it Important to Have a High-Performance Website

Remember that these websites are more than just great designs showcasing your work. The website delivers results and affects your professionalism. A website accomplishes business objectives. It will get you, visitors, to contact the law firm and ask for help. Websites help visitors find the necessary information they need to determine whether or not the firm’s lawyers have experience solving similar legal challenges as they need. If your organization has a website, your brand will stand out in the sea of same-looking law firm websites on the internet. It will make a huge difference in getting clients. Here are some essential points that you must look into when rating a divorce lawyer website design:

Graphic Design of the Website

If your law firm’s website is pleasant looking or has an original design, there is a high chance that your website will attract people and get new clients. That’s why it is essential to have a fantastic graphic design for your law firm website.

UI / UX of the Website

You must remember that if your website is either over-the-top or too simplistic, it can be hard for your users to access the necessary information. You have to ensure a smooth user experience. You need to maintain high retention rates for your potential clients. That’s why a straightforward user interface must be on your law firm’s website. Too out-of-the-ordinary design can annoy your website visitors, so going for something in between is the best route.

Site Speed of the Website

You will be shocked to know that the site speed of the website is one of the most critical factors in search engine rankings. That’s because if your website loads up slowly, it can affect user engagement, site engagement and rankings.Also, it can annoy your visitors if your website takes time to load, and they may be less trusting in your expertise if they don’t feel convinced through the site.

SEO Optimization of the Website

A fantastic attorney website is essential for your first impression of potential clients or visitors. That’s why it is essential to SEO optimize your law firm website. It used search engine optimization techniques. It’ll help you immensely with your website SEO optimization.

 Making elements & solutions for the website

It might look insignificant, but you must pay close attention to making elements and solutions for your law firm’s website. That’s because some creative solutions can help you to stand out from the crowd of same-looking law firm websites.

About Divorce Lawyer Website Designs of 2022

Whether you are a decade-old established firm or a new one, all lawyers need a website. That’s because a good-looking website is a must for any serious and professional field.Now let’s discuss what you must include in your divorce lawyer website designs based on the inspiration from the websites we went over above.

There are seven things you need to have on your divorce lawyer’s website. 

Be Accessible

You have to make sure that your website is free of legal jargon. It mostly depends on your particular legal specialty. But your potential clients need to understand the nuances of the legal profession.

Try to use simple language. You can frame your legal service in terms of problem-solution, emphasizing the real-world problems that your clients might have. You can also use call-to-action buttons for your visitors to easily access your services.

Be Professional

Everything should be written professionally and thoughtfully by the designers on your website. You should avoid using slang on your website. You shouldn’t link your social media accounts or add jokes to your site.

Highlight Your Specialities

Please highlight your specialties directly and clearly. It would help if you didn’t make your potential clients search for your specialties. It can make them lose interest. You can highlight your specialties on the home page or a separate page accessible from the menu bar.

Present testimonials and Client Reviews

If your clients are willing, you can refer to your successes in more descriptive terms without revealing any personal information about your clients. Because these testimonials and reviews can help your potential client believe in your skills and knowledge.

Offer Educational Materials

You can publish educational content on your website to attract potential clients. There are more than enough approaches to create relevant content for your website. So, check them out and publish them on your divorce lawyer’s website.

Showcase Your Success

Showcasing your success on your divorce lawyer website design would be best. It can be anything from winning any awards, receiving accolades for your work, or being mentioned in the local newspaper or social media.

That’s because awards and accolades help potential clients quickly understand your skills. Your professionalism is shown through your success, making your clients believe you can handle critical situations or cases.

Easy to Contact

It is essential to be easily reachable to you. It would be best if you didn’t make it difficult to contact you. You can add email forms, phone numbers and anything else your potential clients might need to contact you.

Many websites also use a live chat feature where potential clients can talk to you or your setup bots and get the help they need.


We understand that there are way too many ins and outs of building your divorce lawyer website design that it can take time to determine where to start. Consider our service rather than trying to piece your website together. A professional’s help is always better than trying to do things without any experience. We are passionate about helping you to improve your website design & grow your businesses. If you want to learn more about divorce lawyer website design and many other website designs, contact us today!