Numerous responsibilities are required for law firms and legal companies. Effectiveness and output may improve by automating tasks. Marketing is one area where law firms might gain efficiency via automated systems. 72% of marketers report adopting an integrated marketing or customer relationship management system to improve efficiency. You may choose marketing strategies.  CRM is one of the most crucial parts of any law firm’s marketing strategy, and we’ve compiled a list of the best CRM for lawyers.

What is a law firm CRM?

Law firms may better serve clients with CRM software by automating and managing client interactions. No customer or business opportunity may be lost with legal CRM software. With customer relationship management software, legal practices may streamline business development processes, such as client intake, appointment setting, etc.

Why Should Law Firms Use CRM Software Tools?

Typical CRM capabilities should be standard in every law firm’s CRM. However, the best CRM for lawyers should additionally include the following industry-specific features and functionalities:

Taking in New Customers

To streamline signing up new customers, use online templates and automation to streamline signing up. You may compile essential customer data, electronically sign crucial papers, and save time-consuming manual processes. CRM may use the data gathered during onboarding to handle client situations, and automated advice is available from some services.

Case Management

A robust case management system allows you to handle individual cases and the total caseload. The best CRM  for legal practices provides case files with customizable features that make it easy to keep tabs on pertinent details across situations, examine an overarching picture of your open cases, and stay current with the status of each one.

Document Management

Construct your own legally binding paperwork and get it electronically signed. Some of the top law firm CRM solutions will even allow you to schedule automatic PDF or Word-based template generation and delivery to boost efficiency.

Billing and Time management

Keep tabs on how much time each case and attorney spends on it, and make it simple to send out invoices and collect payments online. Some even include features like shared calendars accessible by everyone in the company and automatic meeting scheduling. 

The Top 5 Best CRM for Lawyers in 2022

Law firm CRM tools are an essential element of legal practice management software. CRM software for legal services automates critical client intake and relationship management duties rather than merely providing a mechanism to keep track of invoices and other administrative chores typically handled by law office management software. With everything in one place and ready at a moment’s notice, it is much simpler to get the specific data you need about each client. Your law practice should implement one of these top 5 CRM tools to manage your clientele effectively. You can also contact PageAppeal to get professional SEO and web design service for your law firm

#1: Clio: Best overall CRM for lawyers

Case and document management, client intake, and a customer relationship management system (CRM) are some features that set Clio apart as the industry standard in law firm administration software. It may be used in various legal contexts, from estate planning and personal injury to intellectual property and bankruptcy law. It has an easy-to-navigate design, and it’s reasonably priced, even with the CRM module, ,making it the best CRM for lawyers, in our opinion.

Key Features

  • This CRM accommodates a wide variety of practice areas in the law.
  • Tools for taking in new clients include contact management and electronic intake forms.
  • Contracts and official documents can be more convenient for both parties if customers can sign them digitally.
  • Easy time and expenditure tracking through the use of automated processes.
  • Dashboard metrics allow you to keep tabs on key performance indicators like billable hour goals.

#2: Law Ruler: Vest for lawyers marketing automation

Law Ruler is a customer relationship management (CRM) system designed specifically for law firms, with features such as legal case management, marketing automation, new client intake automation, etc. It provides an online intake form builder, allowing businesses to brand and configure fields to gather the information they need, as well as to remind clients through text and email if they haven’t completed the form and to feed the data into the CRM automatically. It has a lot of features, including voice calling marketing automation.

Key Features

  • Client intake automates acquiring new clients using decision tree logic and individualized service.
  • Manage your documents by making fillable PDFs of all your essential paperwork.
  • Included Click-to-Call Phone Dialer Quickly get in touch with prospects using this convenient built-in dialer.
  • The insights provided by its interactive dashboards allow you to conduct in-depth analyses of various crucial parameters.
  • Email, text, and phone marketing may all be automated with the help of marketing software.

#3: GetCharlie: Best sales and marketing CRM with upgrades

We have found GetCharlie CRM to be the best overall sales and marketing CRM, and it is utilized by businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of sectors. It has basic functionality for sales reporting and a visual sales pipeline for managing contacts and deals. In addition, it has workflows that are completely customizable  and work in tandem with extending capabilities like email marketing, online web forms, and case management. If you need more sophisticated selling tools, you can pay for them.

Key Features

  • The GetCharlie essential plan is relatively robust, especially since it can connect to Zapier ans SMS texting.
  • Management and call reporting are made easy with a user-friendly interface.
  • Talk to consumers and leads in real-time with a simple and free live chat widget.
  • Collect client data at no cost using online web forms.
  • Direct calls to the appropriate customer service representatives using “conversation routing.”

#4: Lawmatics: best for document management

A cutting-edge client relationship management and legal intake system, Lawmatics also includes marketing automation and document management tools. Make use of e-signatures and bespoke intake forms to collect vital customer information. Estate planning, family law, personal injury, criminal defense, immigration law, bankruptcy law, and others have specialized sections. This makes it a fantastic option as one of the best CRM for lawyers.

Key Features

  • Manage your documents by making your e-signable forms and other paperwork.
  • Use marketing automation to organize your email list into subsets and blast out targeted messages.
  • Invoices may be sent immediately after a contract is signed using proactive triggers.
  • Visual Pipeline’s Kanban-style pipeline tool makes lead management and leads nurturing easy.
  • Smoothly connect Lawmatics to your existing firm’s software and platforms.

#5: CASEPeer: For personal injury law firms

CASEPeer is a complete client relationship management system for the legal industry. Users noted a minor learning curve, but support is available. CASEPeer puts a premium on keeping user information secure. They use Amazon Web Services to back up your data in the cloud, and your data is safe.

Key Features

  • Streamline the way you handle personal injury cases by using case management software
  • Provide an exceptional customer service experience
  • Take the hassle out of running your business with a complete practice management system tailored specifically for contingency fee law firms.
  • Quickly get the most relevant information for your injury company with a few taps with our reporting feature.

The bottom line on the best CRM for lawyers

A client relationship management system is a worthwhile investment for any legal office, no matter how big or little. A customer relationship management system will help you save time and effort by automating various tasks, such as invoicing, scheduling, financial tracking, and client data storage. Because everything is in one convenient location, you won’t have to switch between different instruments.
We advise trying out several of the best CRM for lawyers until you discover one that works well for your law practice. If trials and demonstrations are offered at no cost, you should take advantage of them. Read more on our law firm SEO service if you want to expand your customer base.